"The most important thing we can do as human beings is to learn how to be better human beings, and that's why we have to tell our stories."


What do you do at Zombot? 

I write scripts and crack whips, direct movies and make smoothies, and produce with mo' juice

Where are you from? All over California

Favorite movies? The Fountain, Willow, Boyz n' da Hood, Princess Bride, Enemy Mine, Apocalypto, Hedwig and the Angry inch, 8 Mile, BOTSW, and Labyrinth 

What did you do before Zombot? 

Retired from being a kleptomaniac ... Now I'm just a man.... iac. 

Heroes? Shakespeare, Eminem, Geronimo

Goal in life? Tell stories and enable others to tell stories

What do you do for fun? SLEEP…. Remember that? That was fun.

How many tattoos? 8

Pet peeves? How about just pets… I Have 4 CATS (SMEAGLE, VON, CHARLES AND PRINCESS)

Zombot Pictures is a production company started by the group of three friends Writer/Director James Bird, Producer/Actress Adriana Mather and Producer/Composer Anya Remizova and is based in Los Angeles California. In an industry where Indie films are hardly ever recognized, Zombot Pictures has formed and is determined to bring thought provoking Indie films into the forefront.



"A great film should not be determined by the size of the budget or by what studio is backing it, but by how hard you are willing to work to make something good, great."


What do you do at Zombot? Produce movies, make music, fuel revolutions, and battle the establishment

Where are you from?

Russia->Virginia->Los Angeles

Favorite movies?

Matrix, anything by Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Nightmare before Christmas, Hero, American Beauty.

Favorite music? My Chemical Romance, White Lies, White Stripes, Gorillaz, Joe Hisaishi

Pet peeves?

Slow drivers GRRR!!..

What do you do for fun?

I eat. Seriously! I love food! Also follow cute pigs on Instagram.

Goal in life? To start a revolution and maybe save the world some day


"If I wasn't an actor, I'd be sitting in the audience watching the actor. That's how much I love acting."


What do you do at Zombot?

 I act like a producer and produce as an actor 

Where are you from?

New York, which explains why my favorite foods are pizza and eggs on a bagel

Favorite movies?

National Velvet, Sitting Pretty, Harold and Maude, Rebecca, Steel Magnolias, and Union Square

What did you do before Zombot?

International business, video and content producing for non-profits and causes, teaching in under-privileged areas, basic ninja shit


My mama and my strange cat Smeagle

Goal in life?

Big time happiness

What do you do for fun?

Buy soft socks, train my cats to spoon

Favorite Place?


Pet peeves?

Bad grammar, public spitting, being touched by strangers, stepping in something wet with socks on, finding a hair on my soap